Lesbian photographs

I’ve acquired a new toy, courtesy of one of my football team chums. Check this puppy out:

Yashica A

The Yashica A, twin lens reflex (TLR) medium format camera. Circa 1957. Fit.

Anyone who’s anyone who knows me will know that this is a cause for untold amounts of excitement, as I have long harboured a desire to get my hands on a medium format TLR camera. And, although this little beauty still remains very much in my friend’s ownership, I have spent the past blissful week in its company, shooting my first couple of 120 rolls.

Developing the first one, last Friday, was a very, very exciting experience. And pleasingly, the initial signs are good – nice balanced negatives with a full range of (black, greys and white) tones. Can’t wait to print those puppies, which involve an eclectic selection of towerblock architecture, K-Town still lifes and the odd portrait, all taken last week when the Yashica and I spent a sunny Sunday wandering around K-Burn and Q-Park (that’s Kilburn and Queen’s Park, for the uninformed).

Equally exciting are the portraits I took yesterday when chilling out by the Ladies Bathing Ponds on Hampstead Heath with a select bunch of lesbians. Some well-positioned sunlight and willing poseurs should make for some hot shizzle pictures (with a backdrop of out-of-focus mass nudity).


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