K-Town and cameras (not lesbians!)

A few months ago I made an exciting discovery while enjoying one of my regular lunch time strolls around the ‘Office. I chanced upon a little charity shop, tucked away under a large awning, on the corner of the road behind where I spend my weekly working hours. Forcing myself to ignore the strong scent of urine, and – on that first visit – the old man at the till, I spent a good ten minutes checking out the interior.

Naturally I was scouting for cameras and any other photographic paraphenalia that might have found its way into this little treasure trove of discarded treats. And, on that occasion I was not rewarded for my valiant efforts at piss-ignorance.

However, subsequent trips have been far more fruitful.A few weeks ago, the familar glint of what could only be the 45mm f/1.9 fixed lens of a 1961 Canon Canonet caught my hungry eyes and it wasn’t long after having it in my sights, that I found myself strolling up the road with yet another vintage camera to add to my collection. Did it take me by surprise? Yes, I have to admit that it did slightly, although since then I have vowed to stalk past the shop on a weekly basis.


Not bad for £2, eh? These puppies regularly seem to trade for upwards of £15 on eBay, when in good condition, so I don’t feel even remotely hard-done-by. In fact, the old man in the Wee Shop even offered to give me a refund if it didn’t work! 

Last week’s trip to the Shop was equally exciting, as I chanced upon another two-pound-treat. This time it was the plastic casing of a Kodak 66X instamatic camera that caught my eyes (not so hungry this time, as I’d had a ham and cheese sandwich pre-walk). This was, once again, secured for the princely sum of two pounds. And excitingly contained a roll of exposed film. 

Kodak 66X instamatic

This camera uses 127 instamatic film, which is unfortunately no longer available. This makes me doubt the safety of my plan to take the aforementioned roll of (colour) film to my local Jessops for destruc…, oops I mean processing. Last time I tried their colour processing service my roll of 1970s Kodacolor came back blank. Hmmm.

Anyway, that moral dilemma is still ongoing so shall leave it there for now, asides from teasing you with a hint at what might constitute my next post on here. It may well be along the lines of ‘Who needs eBay?’ because if the little old man in the Wee Shop keeps delivering, PayPal may well fall into receivership.

That said, I just bought a beautiful Coronet Stereogram camera off the ‘Bay and am eagerly awaiting it’s safe arrival in K-Town…


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