Notes on K-Town

Anyone who has been in the vicinity of late will be aware that I’m moving house this weekend. Those same people would have to be pretty vacant to have not noticed the trauma this is causing me.

I’m finding it hard to put into words, but roughly, this was K-Town earlier today:

Dreary drizzle is now coating K-Town
And accordingly, the sky is matt grey
Today is my final day, here, hear me!
I’m arriving at Cafe Brassino
‘Open for sandwiches and hot snacks to take away’


Breakfasts on teak coloured shiny tables
With those plastic back classroom chairs as seats
Which skate around on well greased floor tiles
Ketchup, Brown Sauce, pepper, sugar and salt
The Sun, Mirror and Mail, available
Soft drinks, bottled water and orange juice
And naturally, fresh coffee and tea

No smoking
It is against the law to smoke on the premises

I have an albino coffee, not tea
And the best bacon sandwich in the world
Thick white slice with four rashers, almost crisp
The mirrored wall reflects the backwards sign
In the window the right way round, for me
Opposite the furry extractor fan
Which sucks in grease with a fluttering hum
Two Polish girls help Mr Brassino
Who leans on the window and gazes out
Watching life wander past on K-Town Road

There is a good service operating on the Northern Line
And the next train terminates at High Barnet
Next station Tufnell Park


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