Monday, Monday – so good to me

I woke up today to a Mama Cass-style Monday, Monday at six AM, my body convinced that it had craftily slept in till midday. No such luck now that I’m back in the K-Town homeland. Body has been tricked and thus got nowhere near enough sleep to recover from the 24 hour time bender we went on to fly back home last night. Being wired at six AM is great, but not when you have to work until nine PM…

Today was my first day back at work after my little trek around Cambodia and Thailand and naturally I was ecstatically happy to be back in the ‘Office with my handsome tan and not-so-handsome post-flight throat. How nice it was to be back in my smart office clothes, sitting at my homely air-conditioned desk, working hard. If I thought I was a bit light-headed when I arrived, by around seven in the evening I was well on the way to Wonderland.

On the way home I tried hard to resist tramp-style tube slouching – it doesn’t look good when you’re dressed like someone who has both a job and a home. However, it wasn’t long before my head started being attacked by gravity and just like a vodka-soaked vagrant I started hallucinating. Just past Camden I was absolutely convinced the little electronic ticker that tells you which branch of the Northern Line you are on and the next station, said ‘K-Town’ instead of the more common ‘Kentish Town.’ For more than a moment I actually believed my jet-lagged eyes and started grinning inanely at the beautiful sight of ‘K-Town’ as the little LED dots scrolled past on the screen…

The patterned seats on the Victoria Line came to life between Green Park and Warren Street, I’m sure the platform wobbled when I touched down at Euston and I tried in vain to persuade the exit gates to let me out by stroking my work pass over the Oyster card reader at least three or four times before I irritably switched and tried the more popular method of using an Oyster card to exit the tube station. 

If tonight’s ride home was borderline tramp then last night’s was something else completely. I must have looked like the living dead as I slouched on the Picadilly Line tube back from Heathrow. I’m counting my blessings that the Circle Line party was the night before (Boris Bans Booze on Buses, etc).

Sleep now.


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