Apparently media-whore Lindsay Lohan, or Li-Lo, as she is known in Heat-reading circles, has been offered $1m by the vile glamour gossip magazine, OK! for a splash story on her alleged relationship with infamous lezzer DJ Samantha Ronson (sister of the better-known and infinitely smoother Mark). For some reason cash cow Lohan has turned down the offer of yet more fortune.

This seems a little strange, at first glance. Could it have anything to do with her wholesome American principles?

Lez-Lo\'s Growler

Not a chance. In the past Lez-Lo has obligingly spread her legs while exiting cars, before drunkenly crashing cars and has willingly been associated with a string of well-known boys (the implication being that she is sexually active – shock American horror, before marriage)! Yet she doesn’t want to talk about minge. Why could that be?


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