Angry Lesbians (.biz)

I’ve picked up a couple of things on my Lezdar this week…the first of which is this:

You have to love The Sun and it’s lurid innuendo-ridden headlines and leaders – they are always a treat, and helpfully written in language that seven-year-olds can understand! “Lesbian anger at vampire flick,” must have had the sub-editors chuckling to themselves smugly. Basically it’s about some film being made about some lesbian vampire killers – and some lesbians are angry that it’s ‘another film pandering to that male penchant for the subject’. Ho hum…

More important is that this article has drawn my attention to something called ‘‘. So I had a look…

And they are exactly that. Angry lezzers. Nothing new there, then. This is how they introduce themselves:

Who are we? We’re lesbians.
We’re lesbians and we’re angry.

Angry about our representation and
angry about the state of the world.
Angry about homophobia, racism,
discrimination, animal abuse and
all other things going round.
It’s getting worse and we’re angry
‘bout that!!
That’s what this site is all about!!

That’s a lot of lesbian anger. But some of it puzzles me: Much as I feel for those poor clubbed-seals, skinned gerbils and caged monkeys, what’s that got to do with being an angry lesbian? Surely not a pressure group making use of it’s ‘lesbian’ to attract attention…nooooo! Anyway, I digress. Back to the Lesbian Vampire Killers. These annoyed Wah Wahs have set up a petition to express their disapproval of this film. Here’s why they say it is a bad film-idea (in their words, not mine):

* Through the years lesbians have always been used to titillate men. Being a lesbian has never been seen as a “real” sexuality. These movies show lesbians as violent creatures that have to use force and evil to gain their partner who is then kept as a love slave and blood donor for their bloodlust. In the last few years we have made some progress changing people‘s perspective. A movie like this could undo all this.

* This film will once more portray society’s idea of the homosexual as a kind of virus that wastes its victims and spreads its monstrosity unchecked. The coupling of homosexual and monster has been an enduring, They can easily be read as doubles for societal views of homosexuals as predatory, amoral, perverse, possessed of secret supernatural powers, capable of–and very interested in–destroying “normal life” and toppling such vulnerable institutions as the nuclear family, the church, capitalism, the heterosexual paradigm, or a combination thereof. Coding the queer as monster allows viewers the catharsis of experiencing the terror of a threat to “normal life,” while insulating them against that threat by presenting it as a fantasy character or demimondain usually destroyed by film’s end.

* These sort of films are not only derogatory to lesbians, but also to women in general. They are answering to a stereotypical male-fantasy. They are shown as scantly clad lust objects that feast on the blood, lapping it up and smearing it around. They’re porn stars, not persons. That this movie uses the same “vein” is already clear from the newspaper reports surrounding the movie. If you see the cast list, the part of one actress is simply labelled: “Blonde”.

There are more reasons why this movie should not be made but these are (for now) the main ones.

Hot stuff – I love a bit of feminist feist. Just one question: does Lesbian Vampire Killer mean a lezzer vamp who kills people, or a lez who kills vampires? Not sure which appeals more…


2 thoughts on “Angry Lesbians (.biz)

  1. Hmm, I thought was a legitimate business. Just think about it: angry lesbians for hire. Got a pet cause you want fought but as a middle-aged fat guy no one will listen to you? Need to be outraged about something but can’t muster the energy? Need to cause a good old-fashioned ruckus but you’re too mild-mannered? Contact us at!

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