Project Tool-Belt

I’ve always denied any interest in DIY. I don’t have a tool box, don’t want a powerdrill and have never had a longing for a socket set.

So, why, on a trip to my local K-Town hardware shop, did I get unnaturally excited and dare I say it, inspired by the endless boxes of nails, hooks, screws and other exciting little trinkets which have some very specific purpose that I have no clue about? Could there be a latent Tool-Belt Lesbian in me, trying to escape? I have been wearing my combat shorts a lot lately…

Anyway, I hear you asking me why I was in the hardware shop at all, given my lack of interest in DIY matters…Well, I’m kitting out the walk-in cupboard in my bedroom to make it into a darkroom (creaming at the thought). The cupboard currently has the standard issue handle on the outside, but not on the inside of the door. Strange, that. So after checking with my very understanding landlady (she has a darkroom too) I bought a handle for the inside of the door (so I can shut myself in the cupboard-cum-darkroom). Hence the trip to the hardware store on K-Town Road.

The door handle came eqipped with four little screws, with which to attach the unnaturally gold looking implement to the door. Cue a little trip to the airing cupboard to find my Housemate’s toolbox (she’s a real lesbian) and locate a screwdriver. As you can see from the picture below, Project Tool-Belt was a roaring homosexual success:

Toolbelt Lesbianism at its most efficient

My next Tool-Belt task is to knock in some picture hooks and attach a few mini-clotheslines so I can hang up to dry my films and prints. Better locate my claw hammer…


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