Glastonbury Leztival – Reminiscence

Yeah, I’m still banging on about Glastonbury even though I’m back in smart clothes, working normal hours and drinking beer after I work as opposed to while I work. If you read the last couple of posts, you’ll know that I took my Lez-Watch to the Vale of Avalon – to the Glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts.

And my, what a haul. There were butchers watching chainsaw demonstrations, lesbian mums singing along to Joan Armatrading and, as ever, a few of those I’m-not-quite-sure-if-you’re-a-lesbian types.

Take for example young Laura Marling, a very talented and very youthful folky singer song-writer, who was performing at the festival. She’s actually very good – and being a folky-lefty-looking sort, of course the Independent love her, but most reviews of her album have been complimentary (despite her touring with Jamie T).

I spotted her while lurking in one of the festival bars and it was only when she came on stage to sing a few lines with the Mystery Jets (who I LOVE) that I realised who was the young lezza I’d been checking out! Well, I can’t confirm her status but that’s the whole point of this post – to do a quick straw poll. Having Google’d “Laura Marling lesbian” and not found any confirmation, or even any hints (she’s only just legal, so not surprising), I’m throwing this one out to an experienced audience to assess.

So, have a look at the photo below, click on the link to her latest video, forget she was born in 1990 (!!!) and let me know what you think:

Is she is lez?

You Tube video is here.


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