90210 on a Saturday Night

The long lonely quiet Saturday night shifts I find myself doing far too often are having some nasty side-effects on my wallet (which, incidentally, they are supposed to help by adding extra cash to my monthly cheque).

One of the things I always have to do on shift – regardless of how busy it is – is monitor the news wires. I scour them for possible stories that I might need to add spokesperson comments to/generally be aware of/rebut. When it’s quiet it’s a well known fact that silly stories start to appear. Hence, the expression ‘silly season’…

This can mean anything from three-eyed cats stuck up drainpipes to people who knit jumpers from their deceased relatives’ hair. No joke. However, tonight’s example was slightly more interesting, from my point of view:

Page 1: 20:42
Actress Shannen Doherty will return as Brenda Walsh in a new series of hit 90s show Beverly Hills 90210.
The CW network says her character is now a famous director who is invited back to stage a musical at her old school.
She will guest star in “multiple episodes” CW said today, making the announcement at a meeting of the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills.
She will be reunited with a few members of the old West Beverly High School gang. As previously announced, Jennie Garth will return as Kelly Taylor, now a guidance counsellor at the school, and Tori Spelling will be back as Donna Martin, who owns a boutique.
Also back is Joe E Tata, again playing Peach Pit cafe owner Nat.
Courtesy PA newswire

This has helpfully helped me to rediscover my passion for Beverly Hills 90210, the iconic nineties US TV show. This puppy was The OC of its day and if you were a nineties teenager who didn’t fancy either Luke Perry or Shannen Doherty then you were a weirdo.

I was odd because I preferred bit part actor Brian Green (who played the slightly eccentric David Silver). Where’s he now? After a failed hip-hop career – yes, he was very cool – he slunk back to bit parts in lesser known movies, accordingly to Wikipedia.

Photographic evidence suggests he’s still hot man-shizzle, though. Anyway, when I start re-watching, I have a feeling my taste may have not-so-much developed, but rather completely changed sex.

I mentioned ‘re-watching’ just a moment ago. That’s because thanks to an excess of spare time spent eBay-ing after spotting this story on the wire, I have now bought the t-shirt, eyed up a copy of the OST (with free poster) and am currently the highest bidder on a sealed box set for the complete Series One, region 2.

Check out this glorious piece of nineties nostalgia and try telling me you aren’t a little bit tempted. Color Me Badd !!! I’m already considering how to make my bedroom look a little bit more like the Peach Pit (that is certain to impress the girls)…

Beverly Hills 90210 OST – track listing

1. Bend Time Back Around – Abdul, Paula
2. Got 2 Have U – Color Me Badd
3. Right Kind Of Love – Jordan, Jeremy
4. Love Is – Williams, Vanessa & Brian McKnight
5. Just Wanna Be Your Friend – Puck & Natty
6. Let Me Be Your Baby – Williams, Geoffrey
7. Saving Forever For You – Shanice
8. All The Way To Heaven – Watley, Jody
9. Why – Dennis, Cathy & D-Mob
10. Time To Be Lovers – McDonald, Michael & Chaka Khan
11. Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Kemp, Tara
12. Beverly Hills 90210 (theme) – Davis, John E.

p.s. I know Jason Preistley was always a little bit odd-looking, and that whole slightly incestuous Brandon-Brenda-brother-sister-similar-name thing put most normal people off fancying him, but the music video he did for the re-release of Roy Orbison’s I Drove All Night is pure 1990s black and white bliss. Fit!

Watch it here. More than once.


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