Girls Like Us

Over the past year or three I’ve been reading a slightly tossy lezzer magazine called Girls Like Us, or GLU. It started in Winter 2005 and I can’t remember how I first heard about it but the fact that the first cover was ‘Peaches doing Gia’ may have had something to do with it.

The magazine was set up by a pair of Amsterdam Dykes who were clearly bored with the mainstream likes of DIVA and Curve. The whole thing looks a bit like a big American Apparel advert (which is a good thing) and is more than a little bit top shelf (again not a bad thing). And, as the title suggests, it’s all about ‘Girls Like Us’ – where ‘Us’ is the tossy lezza editors, Katherine Hero and Jessica Gysel.

Last night I was reading the Spring 2008 Issue – a bit late, I know – when I spotted something rather amusing. A while back I remember an ex of mine contemplating the idea of selectively tidying her twat into the shape of the GLU logo.

Before you ask, I’m not sure how the muff shaving conversation came about. Anyway, I never for one moment doubted that she was capable of doing it, but while we were together she didn’t (this was probably a good thing from my point of view, at the time). So I forgot about the whole thing…

Until now. Imagine my surprise and amusement to stubble, sorry stumble, across a not unfamiliar looking picture of a GLU logo-shaped beaver on page 79 of the latest issue. (Should point out it’s the little black logo in the corner of the diagram – not the red stripes!)

GLU logo

GLU logo

A quick check of the credits confirmed my suspicions: that yes, my ex had, as promised, shaved the Girls Like Us insignia into her bush, photographed it and sent it off to the magazine, conveniently in time for their hair-themed issue. What are the chances…?


One thought on “Girls Like Us

  1. You’re blog rocks!! I’ve added you to my blog roll. Thanks for swinging by and introducing yourself.

    I laughed my butt off.


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