Two Track Mind

My latest obsession is the club night that a friend and I have decided to set up. This means that instead of thinking about girls all the time, I have a new angle to my personality. Music…and girls, dancing to it.

Which was always there – I obsessively memorise lyrics, collect CDs, follow certain bands, but now it’s being channeled into something productive. It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages yet at the same time putting the fear of God (not that he exists) into me. One of the cool things about it is the need for numerous ‘Field Trips’ to other club nights, to pick up tips.

Observations so far include:

Wish – too busy, too expensive and it has a techno room. i don’t like queues and it’s hard to dance unless you’re in the techno tomb.
Unskinny Bop – can do no wrong. Last night it ended with “I Knew Him So Well” by Elaine Page and Barbi Dickenson. And it’s run by two of the coolest lesbians I’ve ever seen. We must never double book.
Club Jolene – nouveaux. And nice, although a touch too heavy on the hard house. A launch party with more hot girls than I have ever seen in my life. No room to swing a pussy and feels like it’s been fingered by the 80s. like it.

Another current task is building the website, which is providing my obsessively (used that word three times already) tuned mind with all sorts of exciting things to do, like taking photographs, thinking about images and trying to work out how to say ‘gay friendly’ without sounding like someone’s floral blouse-wearing nan.

There’s also the ‘indie’ dilemma. How do you communicate selective cuts of guitar based music that might include the Smiths, Cure, Metric and Clor without suggesting you might play something vile like Oasis. It’s hard.


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