Kate Bush and the white sheet

Something has reactivated my LOVE of Kate Bush, particularly the 3 minutes and 40 seconds she spends prancing around in THAT white sheet, which could also be a dress. As we decided to actually create a club night and the ideas for what to call it were appearing, out popped Kate. Quite suddenly, ‘coming at me through the trees’ as she would say. Like the leg-cocking poutess that she is.

So now I’ve found her cropping up everywhere. She’s perched on the last ‘E’ of the logo (which I can’t show you yet); she’s in the corner of the poster wearing a dunce’s cap; she’s top of the playlist; she’s already been linked to three times in this blog. I hope she comes to the Disco.

There is a good reason for all of this. She describes (better than words) exactly the sort of dancers we want to come to the club night. Girls who don’t care, and look good because they don’t. White sheets are optional. And boys too, although they should dress as Heathcliffe, perhaps, rather than the Mighty Bush herself.


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