Pan Fried Food

The knickerbocker glory looks awesomely delicious. Is it really so long since I ate somewhere special? It’s definitely so long since I slept somewhere so special.

I would like to know what other cooking apparatus one might use to fry chicken, though. I’m not for one moment doubting the quality of the pan-fried chicken at the Midland Hotel but surely it has a touch of prawn cocktail syndrome? The Pizza Express effect is doing for chickens what Hyacinth Bucket did for the Joneses. More veneer than gear.

That said I’m the first person to agree that pan-fried chicken sounds better looking, better cooking, less pallid with a few select grill scorch marks, soft shreds of meat to be torn apart by teeth as you mange sociably, than just chicken (pasty, anaemic, budget battery-farmed meat, with bits of it’s once-feathered porous skin still attached and a poisonous pink tinge to it). Worse still is fried chicken – KFC anyone?


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