The Midland Hotel

An art deco dream

An art deco dream

Is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It is without doubt the most beautiful white art deco thing I have ever seen. The sea view from my room also rates extraordinarily highly.

Morecambe is beautiful. I can see a grey silhouette of the Lake District mountains above the distant glittering sea in the bay. Endless sand.

There are also northern accents and plenty of youths in tracksuits, many of whom are onboard mountain bikes. I periodically see them ride past along the promenade, which runs past the front of the hotel. They usually travel from west to east. I’m not sure why.

The radio has second guessed me and is playing the perfect soundtrack to faded seaside glamour, as I bask in boutique hotel bliss with white curtains slowly turning to peach as the sunset illuminates them.

I’m looking forward to a warm shower and have a touch of dilemma over whether to have it before or after dinner. I have a promenade to run along and a third floor gym to use. I could even have a spa session. What else is there?



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