The View



There is a Reebok factory outlet shop opposite the Midland Hotel. There is also a KFC, an amusement arcade and a rather curious Polo-branded version of the BT Tower. Maybe it lights up at night.

The shower is sent from God. I spent nearly half an hour in there, during which I was able to identify Doves as the artist responsible for a previously unheard track on the radio, based purely on the pitch and tempo of the wailing. Truly unique if utterly boring.

The local radio station is perfect for a worn out seaside town. Now that it’s evening it has switched from seaside sixties to nostalgic indie with cobwebby guitars and males vocalists with voices an octave-too-high.

Supper beckons and I’m slightly annoyed at finding such high quality chips for a late lunch. I had no choice but to eat them all. Just two hours before my luxuriant deco design influenced dinner.


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