Full Blend Feral

Morcambe ARCADE

Morecambe ARCADE

There are a lot of loafers in Morecambe. Surely, there should not be so many young men on the streets on a Monday morning?

I’ve just seen Full Blend Feral, loitering outside the Post Office. Faces that look like they’ve put up with everything from the weather to the wife, as well as the occasional cheekbone fracture. Teeth are a relative luxury. Gritty, spotty, leathery skinned youths who could be anywhere between 15 and 25. They look bored and a little sad. It is a little sad.

If the ‘Lesbian Hair’ boy-on-the-bike I saw yesterday was a little bit feral, then this lot are the mangy cat that not only shits on the floor but scratches it into the carpet and walks it up the stairs, before jumping out of the kitchen window and going after next door’s unneutered bitch. Phew.


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