rave in an abandoned mosque

i was thinking it might be nice to start using this blog again. there was a (rather angry) time when i felt the need to vent on here at least three times a week. usually about lesbians, because they tended to make me angry.

but that was more than two years ago. now i have a disco and a better haircut and i’m not angry anymore. but i do feel like something’s missing. the disco is amaze and all that, and the dancing’s great, but there are at least 27 other days in the month.

beautiful music-filled days spent agonising over what to play and what to wear, as well as worrying about whether anyone will actually want to come to the next dirtyconverse.

as an exercise in self-improvement i’m going to start writing some of this down. because i keep losing the scraps of paper i scribble on.


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