fiver says 1 direction will take it

sadly I’ve succumbed to a small amount of x factor 2010 fascination. it makes me want to be sick a little bit but i have a petite morbid fascination with katie waissel, or katie weasal as she is affectionately now known by so many. just a sliver of interest, that’s all.

katie waissel

this is what did it:  katie has a twitterspoof – @katieweasal – where weasal airs her thoughts on such things as her “destiny” (winning x factor 2010, obvs), gamu’s deportation (she shopped her to the uk border agency, appaz) and day-to-day life in the x-fac house (mainly about her). it’s fly- on-the-wall katie, literally. i’m hooked. pure hilarity, with hourly updates.

favourite weasal words tweeted thus far:

“louis walsh just made some kind of herbal tea for one direction. rohyp something. must be like rosehip tea. i nicked a cup. hehe. thirsty.”

“still not sure if I should wear pigeons or seagulls on my eyelids on saturday. being a style guru is so tiring.”

“firing off angry email to rspca about stupid animal cruelty laws. it’s only an eagle ffs. now need a new hat for tomorrow.”

“lick a cats bum or eat a dog sandwich? odd question. some of my disciples are worrying. which one would get me more publicity?”

“hotels never have air conditioning. i get really hot and have to take my top off sometimes.”

bit of a disco digression but nonetheless valid, as I’ve placed a £15 bet on 1 direction to win x-fac and am now committed to obsessively monitoring their every move until such time as they either win/get voted off. loving weasal watch.


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