don’t let your friends say you have no taste

after the hottest disco ever – steamy windows by 10pm – we watched mermaids (click on that link, the wikipedia plot synopsis alone is laugh-out-loud hilarious). what a film. it’s love on a school bus-brilliant: winona, cher, indoor swimming, 1963, twee dresses (on winona), jimmy soul, shoop shoop and nuns.

this wee clip tells you everything you need to know about why mermaids is genius:

and what a soundtrack. for a moment, while preparing for saturday’s disco i realised i had three songs from it on my playlist. after removing ‘big girls don’t cry’, i stuck with ‘just one look’ and jimmy soul’s amazing ‘if you wanna be happy’. great tune, great lyrics, including the following pearl of wisdom:

“if you make an ugly woman your wife / you’ll be happy for the rest of your life / an ugly woman cooks her meals on time”

“don’t let your friends say you have no taste / go ahead and marry anyway / though her face is ugly, her eyes don’t match / take it from me she’s a better catch”

fact: it was written by frank guida and was billboard number one in 1963. appaz, the song is based on a calypso called ‘ugly woman’ by roaring lion (WLTM). and it joins a long line of distinguished tunes covered by kid creole and the coconuts.

might play ‘the shoop shoop song’ next time.


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