duck sauce ‘barbra streisand’: don’t get it

there’s a bit at around 1.44 where a beardy guy with a feeding tube in his mouth says something like “so rough, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, so rough, barbra, barbra, barbra, barbra, barbra…” which i think, is meant to be funny. same for the bloke dressed up as her (badly)…

i’m not standing up for the streisand – trust me, i found the southpark mecha-streisand thing as pure hilarious as anyone, especially the smoking tits and the brilliant spookyvision – but come on, this duck sauce thing is a wee bit naff, no? even when played behind this belting piece of high-end southpark animation:

oh. wait there. famous people in the first video (it’s still going in the background). i’m sure i just saw santogold. ah, and that bloke from vampire weekend. a cast of hipsters. tribute. get it. google tells me it’s superfly disco house music by someone called a-tack who collaborated with dizzee on his last rekkid and the grauniad are saying it’s “deliciously odd”. right. being a dickhead’s cool. all over again but a bit less obvs. genius. love it. want to own it.

good to know:the streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of causing the information to be publicized widely and to a greater extent than would have occurred if no censorship had been attempted. it is named after barb, following a 2003 incident in which her attempts to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity”

thanks wikipedia, i love you. and i promise never to play duck sauce at the disco.


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