bands up trees

this could almost be as good as cats in sinks. it’s just as funny and probably more common.

while stalking for music on the internet i stumbled upon a classic example of the ‘group in a tree’ blend of band photography, precursor to the equally classic ‘group in a tree’ record sleeve. look:

melodica melody and me up a tree

the band: melodica, melody + me. from brixton with a two-tone tang (i think one of them plays one of those mouthpiece keyboards that you blow. a melodica, in fact) and an easy-on-the-ear cover of paul simon’s godly ‘diamonds on the soles of her shoes’. one way to lose these walking blues. downloadable HERE gratis, innit.

‘piece me back together’ is my favourite of the songs on their myspace page. notsomuch disco, more the sunday after.

(hope they don’t mind me borrowing the photo. it was taken by someone called robin j turner. i hope he/she doesn’t mind either.)

doing a quick search for other examples, i tried what i thought would be dead-certs for ‘group in a tree’ shots, noah and the whale and mumford and sons (disappointing – ‘group in front of a tree or few, and ‘group in a pose next to a tree’, respectively).

Noah and the Whale at Cambridge Folk Festival. 3rd August 2008.mumford and sons in front of a tree

so i went retro and looked up some old faithfuls: travis and the holloways (again, not quite there – just a tree, and ‘band in front of an urban tree’, respectively):

TRAVIS treeholloways in front of tree

by which point i was feeling tree’d out and bored of music with fiddles and wholesome country undertones. and possibly wrong about bands in trees.


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