a thing called grime

strangely I found myself listening to tinie tempah this morning. this is
curious because until now i’ve been ignoring the enigma that is grime music
(more because i couldn’t quite get my head around what it actually is, than
because of any proactive effort to avoid it). despite the number one hit
single that i somehow missed…

surprisingly i found myself enjoying the skitty little treat that is ‘pass
out’ and debating whether the song might make it onto november’s disco
playlist. still debating, don’t worry, joce.

this song goes against every ounce of musical judgement i own. the little
noise that sounds a bit like the opening bar of SL2’s on a ragga tip should
have been enough to put me off. that asides, the fact that tinie’s sound is
part (if not all) of that hallowed east-london-loved music genre called
GRIME should have been enough to switch me off.

but it didn’t. not only did i listen to ‘pass out’ TWICE. I clicked on a
couple of his other youtube vids afterwards and gave them at least a
minute-and-a-half of my attention. not bad, tinie. not bad.

i read somewhere that he describes himself as well brought-up and
well-spoken, which surely discredits both him and grime from the
prickly-edged urban persona to which it pertains…but hey. still quite like
that song.

maybe I’m dropping my guard or craving a little spikiness after, let’s face
it, a summer of pure tweeness. allo darlin’ anyone? or, it could be that I
have too much thinking time, what with my new routine of 2.2 hour
there-and-back commutes to work everyday. SRSLY, aldershot – what was I


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