band with a summery name in winter

this week on my list of gigs to see and music to mildly obsess over are is tropical. joce told me about this lot aaaaages ago, but for some reason i didn’t listen.

anyway, they’re good. and better now than they were aaaaages ago. and i like the new song, which is called ‘south pacific’ – you can hear it on their myspace page if you don’t believe me. out on 22 nov. it’s a refreshing indie scrap with a guitar intro and what sounds a bit like real drums but probably is a drum machine. and in all their photos they seem to be hiding behind sheets that are wrapped around their faces. maybe they’re shy?

they perhaps should have saved the anthemic riff for when they got a bit better known, but nevermind. EXCITINGLY they are supporting mystery jets this week at the roundhouse and happily i shall be there lapping it up.

i hope they take the sheets away from their mouths when they sing.

cannae wait.


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