boy meets girl

another wee review for the fly, this time HAIRCUT 100 (amaze):

Indigo2, London

Resurfacing exactly 30 years after the release of their massively successful‘Pelican West’ LP, new wave funk-pop crooners Haircut 100 are back. Whilst, these days, they look more Gap advert than early 80s hipster, musically they sound like they never *ahem* parted.

Followers of indie bands of the moment blessed with good-looking and over-styled lead singers – take The Drums and, a few years before them, The Libertines – should look up Haircut 100. The guitar-led funk-pop outfit had a fleeting moment of en trend brilliance circa 1981-2, releasing four top ten singles and posing for numerous American Apparel-influencing cover shoots for music magazines. Lead singer Nick Heyward – who thirty years ago looked like a smooth-skinned, better behaved Pete Doherty – persuaded the world that polo boots, rolled-up chinos and baseball caps, combined, were cool. Then he vanished amid rumours of self-destruction. Sound familiar? And Haircut 100’s music remains equally relevant with traces of the Haircuts’ sound reappearing through bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and The Rumble Strips.

Heyward cradles his guitar at chest height and his finger-splitting funk is as sharp as it ever looked on Top Of The Pops tonight, even if his floppy fringe is now swept to the side and there’s not a deck shoe in sight. ‘Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)’and ‘Love Plus One’ bounce around the Indigo2 with all the excitement you would expect of the 19 year-old boy who wrote and sang them to crowds of swooning girls three decades ago. It is impossible not to smile and even Heyward swaps his trademark poster boy pout for a satisfied grin, as he sings ‘Fantastic Day’. Backed by a brass trio and bongo drums, the show is a genuine celebration.


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