don’t let your friends say you have no taste

after the hottest disco ever – steamy windows by 10pm – we watched mermaids (click on that link, the wikipedia plot synopsis alone is laugh-out-loud hilarious). what a film. it’s love on a school bus-brilliant: winona, cher, indoor swimming, 1963, twee dresses (on winona), jimmy soul, shoop shoop and nuns.

this wee clip tells you everything you need to know about why mermaids is genius:

and what a soundtrack. for a moment, while preparing for saturday’s disco i realised i had three songs from it on my playlist. after removing ‘big girls don’t cry’, i stuck with ‘just one look’ and jimmy soul’s amazing ‘if you wanna be happy’. great tune, great lyrics, including the following pearl of wisdom:

“if you make an ugly woman your wife / you’ll be happy for the rest of your life / an ugly woman cooks her meals on time”

“don’t let your friends say you have no taste / go ahead and marry anyway / though her face is ugly, her eyes don’t match / take it from me she’s a better catch”

fact: it was written by frank guida and was billboard number one in 1963. appaz, the song is based on a calypso called ‘ugly woman’ by roaring lion (WLTM). and it joins a long line of distinguished tunes covered by kid creole and the coconuts.

might play ‘the shoop shoop song’ next time.


south carolina dreaming

south carolina looks just wonderful, if this music video by tennis is anything to go by:

vintage ladies dancing in their underwear with gratuitous feathers, viewed through a magic lantern, progressing to parrots and fireworks by the 2 min 30 climax of this enchanting apparition. if that’s what south carolina looks like then i’d like to visit. if it sounds like this too, then i’d like to go even more.

if i could bring this vision to the next dirtyconverse disco i totally would. i’m currently LOVING this song, as well as the other two on the tennis myspace page, which i’ve had on repeat for the past few hours, brightening the drizzlegrey.

best news of the day: you can freedownload ‘south carolina’ and ‘marathon’ HERE. super amaze.

unsettling news of the day: according to this interview, the owner of the band’s ghostly vocals (alaina moore), “was only allowed to listen to Christian rock and musicals growing up”.

file tennis near dum dum girls (less polished version) and besty coastyyy (less repetitive version), if you like. although as a colorado husband-wife set-up they are more like a 1960s- style girl group with a male chaperone. delightful, and wholesome. and on the playlist for saturday.