one eye closed

i love cocknbullkid. love love love. so it was hard containing the lots of excitement i had upon discovering that she has unveiled a new single (and video). especially as the discovery was made at 2.30 in the afternoon on friday. that was three hours away from the freedom of the train home and unmonitored iphone viewing/listening bliss.

so there it is. ‘one eye closed’ is great BUT i think ‘cocknbullkid’ (yep, eponymous song) is way better. that’s the wee free track that appeared back in the summer month of july. and is still available by signing up to her mailing list.

it leapt out of one of my (typically long) playlists a few months ago, with all the drama of an auditioning luvvie who’s been on the dole for a couple of years and has just eaten her last baked bean (minus the cringe). whatasong.

i think i was expecting ‘one eye closed’ to have a bit more of that, which is why after the first listen, i was a bit deflated: i was waiting for the punchy chorus and it didn’t come. BUT i have a lot of time for cocknbull so i listened to it again: opening bars – great; 80s style guitar riffs that wouldn’t look out of place on a girls aloud track and every indication that something good is about to happen…key change, yes, but chorus…? oh, not quite.

i’m not obsessive, but i did listen one more time: “let me shoot straight from the hipbone” i think the lyrics said… ok the slightly naff 80s falsetto chorus is growing on me a bit and there’s a belting bit of synth at around 3mins that was probably donated by kelly marie (if she was still alive and feeling like she was in love, she’d have updated herself to make that noise).

i’m prepared to hope that it’s one of those record company things where they get an artist to put out an inferior song prior to the earthmoving jcb of a song that is destined to go POP a few months later, showering the world with cock. and bull. and kid. if that’s the case, then i don’t mind waiting.

FYI: i didn’t listen a fourth time. i put this on instead:

wow. still. totes going to xoyo in december to see her.


some cocknbull

after the tweefest of magic kids and the not entirely twee-less tennis, a more dramatic disco song for today: the delightful ‘cocknbullkid’ by cocknbullkid. and the best bit – downloaded for FREE. here.

not sure why there isn’t more excitement about this pop-central treat of a tune (only been played 5486 times on her myspace page when i checked this morning), but since morphing from thecocknbullkid to cocknbullkid good things have happened. this song is the first evidence of that. although what’snototlike about ‘i’m not sorry’? not much:

her blog tells me that, appaz, new single ‘one eye open’ got played on 6music last week when i was moving house and too busy to listen. and i was too late to catch it on 6music’s nemone page. so, i am now a pressure cooker of anticipation.

goodtoknow: her real name is anita blay and she lives in hackney (we’re probably neighbours and pass each other on mare street every morning on the way to work). her new album is called ‘adulthood’ and will be out in spring 2011 (more amaze songs to play at the disco). and, according to¬†this post on her blog she has fine taste in ladies, having posted a load of pictures of ‘hot’ lol from this is england, ‘swoon’. (i concur, a LOT).

lol from this is england

notsomuch: cocknbullkid is on tour with marina and her irritating diamonds in november. despite this i might still go. roundhouse on 8th and forum on 9th.