unholy thoughts

i was listening to kele bloc party’s album ‘the boxer’ last night on the bus home and have decided that my favourite track BY FAR is ‘unholy thoughts’.

Click here to download/listen.

i’m not sure i completely get the lyrics yet, but am almost certain they are amaze:

i met the devil last night / at an after-show / bandanna, and a red new era cap / no more coke, alice / no more cocaine / you’re getting sloppy / and then someone has… / someone has to say / he was there… / he was there… / i hear their thoughts now before they speak / i feel their eyes now / gouging my soul, accusing me / we’re on a park bench / bleaching the day / these thoughts they multiply / and one by one become holy / the mind is powerful / the mind is powerful / but it will not work… / it will not work… / in reverse….

unsurprisingly when I think of kele I think of bloc party, which in turn then makes me think of ‘silent alarm’ (good: ‘banquet’ on the dancefloor at wonky six years ago) and ‘a weekend in the city’ (notsogood: when it was first released, i invited this girl i was sort-of into, to come over to my house to listen to it. my idea of a hot date but clearly not hers, because she didn’t reply). i never really got into that second album…

you can hear a few more songs from ‘the boxer’ here. and, as noted yesterday, he’s playing the electric ballroom on 19 november with cocknbullkid.

my top 5 kele bloc party songs:

  • she’s hearing voices
  • banquet
  • this modern love
  • unholy thoughts
  • so here we are