everyone loves jackie deshannon, surely?

isn’t she just wonderful? not least because her real name is actually SHARON, and being wise enough to know that a name like sharon wouldn’t sell records – even in the 1960s – she created jackie dee shannon, as a non gender specific nom-de-song (pretty forward thinking of her, no?).

i would have gone for jackie-shaz, personally, but each to their own. anyway, dee shannon soon became deshannon and this wee blond rock star hit the stage, singing all manner of treats including dirtyconverse favourites, ‘when you walk in the room’ and ‘needles and pins’.

the searchers borrowed both of these gems and made them more famous in the uk, and they were well cool. badge of approval.

AND, after the beatles toured with her (well, she toured with them) they wrote a song called ‘ticket to ride’, which if you listen to the opening guitar riff, could sound less like ‘when you walk in the room’:

jackie-shaz also co-wrote the subtly theatrical ‘bette davis eyes’ which was immortalised in beautiful 80s techni-colour surround sound synth by kim carnes in 1983. and she hung out with eddie cochran, swoon. pure…love…her.

and so, it was to my delight to note that one of my NFBs, tennis have covered a jackie-shaz track. this wee cover is ACERS. cannae wait to go see them play live in london on jan 7 @ the lexington.


south carolina dreaming

south carolina looks just wonderful, if this music video by tennis is anything to go by:

vintage ladies dancing in their underwear with gratuitous feathers, viewed through a magic lantern, progressing to parrots and fireworks by the 2 min 30 climax of this enchanting apparition. if that’s what south carolina looks like then i’d like to visit. if it sounds like this too, then i’d like to go even more.

if i could bring this vision to the next dirtyconverse disco i totally would. i’m currently LOVING this song, as well as the other two on the tennis myspace page, which i’ve had on repeat for the past few hours, brightening the drizzlegrey.

best news of the day: you can freedownload ‘south carolina’ and ‘marathon’ HERE. super amaze.

unsettling news of the day: according to this interview, the owner of the band’s ghostly vocals (alaina moore), “was only allowed to listen to Christian rock and musicals growing up”.

file tennis near dum dum girls (less polished version) and besty coastyyy (less repetitive version), if you like. although as a colorado husband-wife set-up they are more like a 1960s- style girl group with a male chaperone. delightful, and wholesome. and on the playlist for saturday.