don’t let your friends say you have no taste

after the hottest disco ever – steamy windows by 10pm – we watched mermaids (click on that link, the wikipedia plot synopsis alone is laugh-out-loud hilarious). what a film. it’s love on a school bus-brilliant: winona, cher, indoor swimming, 1963, twee dresses (on winona), jimmy soul, shoop shoop and nuns.

this wee clip tells you everything you need to know about why mermaids is genius:

and what a soundtrack. for a moment, while preparing for saturday’s disco i realised i had three songs from it on my playlist. after removing ‘big girls don’t cry’, i stuck with ‘just one look’ and jimmy soul’s amazing ‘if you wanna be happy’. great tune, great lyrics, including the following pearl of wisdom:

“if you make an ugly woman your wife / you’ll be happy for the rest of your life / an ugly woman cooks her meals on time”

“don’t let your friends say you have no taste / go ahead and marry anyway / though her face is ugly, her eyes don’t match / take it from me she’s a better catch”

fact: it was written by frank guida and was billboard number one in 1963. appaz, the song is based on a calypso called ‘ugly woman’ by roaring lion (WLTM). and it joins a long line of distinguished tunes covered by kid creole and the coconuts.

might play ‘the shoop shoop song’ next time.


this is what i said

i’ve played this song by cloud control at EVERY disco since discovering it in july. amaze.

‘this is what i said’ is a wonderful tingly guitar song that makes me smile and feel like i’ve just eaten marmite on toast, in the same way that ‘waving at the shore’ by throw me the statue does. and, i’m very sad to have missed them playing a black cab sessions gig at the luminaire in kilburn in august. very sad.

one magic song

on friday i went to see magic kids at the camden barfly.

they’ve just released an album called ‘memphis’, presumably because they are from memphis. i haven’t yet listened to it. i bought tickets for the gig on the basis that the song ‘hey boy’ is a brilliant beach boys rip-off. 2 minutes and 15 seconds of sun. plus, allo darlin’ were the support band.

memorable bits of my magic evening included:

  • the lead singer’s jeans. male camel toe.
  • hey boy (where’s your girlfriend?)
  • the wholesome girl with the violin and tidy slimline brown leather belt
  • the new allo darlin’ song. and polaroid song.
  • that’s about it

given that mega-twee invariably gives me travel sickness, i really should have listened to that memphis album first. i also should have read the guardian’s thoughts on the band: “one of their tracks, phone, is super-exuberant and almost creepily twee.” fact.

other than when they were playing ‘hey boy’ their unnaturally smiley smiles made me feel a little bit queasy.

the last two words of that guardian quote tell you everything you need to know about magic kids gigs. next london one is on 28 october at twee mothership, the lexington. don’t forget to wear travel sickness bands.