the right side of my brain

yesterday an eerily lovely email inboxed from veronica falls telling me about a new song they had recorded “in a somewhat rainy east London” called ‘right side of my brain’. the best kind of email – local references and a link to the mp3.

sign up for foreboding emails on their website to get the mp3.

my thoughts: the guitars and drumming on ‘right side of my brain’ sound (a tiny little bit) like those on ‘beachy head’, which is perhaps not surprising given both songs are written and performed by veronica falls. it’s catchy and echoey and beautifully harmonised and has done nothing to dull my eagerness to hear the impending doom of their long playing record. 60s girl band in a coffin. they are probably still wearing too much black and no doubt just had a nice halloween weekend. more please.

“i hope that you also enjoy the new song which we recorded recently…” they’re so nice.

“…very soon we will be locking ourselves away in another studio to record a full length record…” exciting.

“…but until then, enjoy, and please come and say hello at any of our forthcoming dates with cloud nothings – tour starts on saturday!” will do. totes going to white heat on 16 november. still gutted about missing the ladyfest thing with MEN on 13 november.

exciting veronica falls tour dates:

6 – The Hope, Brighton*
7 – Thekla, Bristol*
8 – Harley, Sheffield*
9 – Deaf Institute, Manchester*
10 – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow*
11 – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh*
12 – Brudenell, Leeds (w/ Vessels)
13 – Ladyfest, London (w/ MEN)
16 – White Heat, London
*w/ Cloud Nothings


veronica falls hard

veronica falls

the five things i like most about my favourite creepy swoon-pop band, veronica falls:

  • the handmade t-shirt i bought for £5 when the band played at white heat in soho last year. it was the last one.
  • starry eyes – possibly the best b-side of 2009/10. had it on repeat for the most of the first half of this year and still smile A LOT when it comes on my ipod.
  • one of the boys from the band is really friendly (joce met him in a pub once, and said he was pure nice).
  • the URL for their myspace page is ‘
  • they are slightly creepy

you can listen to the delightful starry eyes, as well as the unsettling ‘found love in a graveyard’ and foreboding little ray of sunshine that is ‘beachy head’ (beautiful video below), on the band’s website. they are playing white heat at madam jojos on 16 november, as part of a wee winter tour. i’m going to be there.