you can ride the pony

WOW. new video for MEN’s ‘off our backs’ is now on stereogum. love love love this band.

the song has been around for a wee while now and has featured in discos plural along with the delight that is ‘credit card babies’why don’t you adopt, borrow someone’s cock?

i actually can’t decide which song i like more so will go with the brilliance that is the new ‘off our backs’ vid. it’s acers, watch it NOW.

despite being very queasy about the amount of hair in this 3.5 min masterpiece i had to watch it three times in quick succession because it was so amaze. jd samson (le tigre) clearly wasn’t taking the piss when she called her other former band ‘hirsute’

i think what is most brilliant about ‘off our backs’ is that at a passing glance it could easily be coming in from the mouth of an x-factor contestant or taylor montana perry (or whatever their names are). same for the opening shot of the video which does the boyband-in-a-sunset thing perfectly. and slow motion trampolining, well. my newfavouriteband one direction are almost certainly having classes in the x-fac house to perfect that requisite boyband skill as we speak.

it’s only when the lyrics kick in (‘you can ride the pony’) and the slow-mo crotch shots (think american apparel without the weight loss) start sweating out of the screen that all is revealed. there’s hairy backs, hairy legs, hairy stomachs and hairy faces (i’m still blocking that hairy armpit image). there’s rippling, wobbling, gripping and pseudo-bumming through denim. it’s truly amazing what happens when you slow down a co-ed tug-of-war.

the chorus may sound wholesome like b*witched (ha – subconscious denim reference) but those innocent wee irish pixies would be blushing like nuns in a rash clinic if they read MEN’s lyrics.

this belting disco tune is released on 8 november. naturally it will be on the disco playlist for the following saturday. ooh, and appaz a full-length record called ‘talk about body’ is to be released next year. exciting. less exciting: the MEN ladyfest gig in LDN is on disco night so i can’t go.


fiver says 1 direction will take it

sadly I’ve succumbed to a small amount of x factor 2010 fascination. it makes me want to be sick a little bit but i have a petite morbid fascination with katie waissel, or katie weasal as she is affectionately now known by so many. just a sliver of interest, that’s all.

katie waissel

this is what did it:  katie has a twitterspoof – @katieweasal – where weasal airs her thoughts on such things as her “destiny” (winning x factor 2010, obvs), gamu’s deportation (she shopped her to the uk border agency, appaz) and day-to-day life in the x-fac house (mainly about her). it’s fly- on-the-wall katie, literally. i’m hooked. pure hilarity, with hourly updates.

favourite weasal words tweeted thus far:

“louis walsh just made some kind of herbal tea for one direction. rohyp something. must be like rosehip tea. i nicked a cup. hehe. thirsty.”

“still not sure if I should wear pigeons or seagulls on my eyelids on saturday. being a style guru is so tiring.”

“firing off angry email to rspca about stupid animal cruelty laws. it’s only an eagle ffs. now need a new hat for tomorrow.”

“lick a cats bum or eat a dog sandwich? odd question. some of my disciples are worrying. which one would get me more publicity?”

“hotels never have air conditioning. i get really hot and have to take my top off sometimes.”

bit of a disco digression but nonetheless valid, as I’ve placed a £15 bet on 1 direction to win x-fac and am now committed to obsessively monitoring their every move until such time as they either win/get voted off. loving weasal watch.